Tuesday, July 12, 2016



Its hard to believe how fast these past four months have flown by! My husband and I are more excited than ever at the thought of having our very own little baby here at home with us in just six months! I am loving being pregnant, more so because my husband is super obsessed with my belly and he really couldn't get any sweeter. He has been so helpful, making sure I am always comfortable, the house is always tidy and my belly always full.

This is all so new to me and I definitely have my moments. Most moments are filled with so much joy and so many dreams, and then there are those few moments that remind me just much I desperately need Jesus. Last Friday, as I took my 99th trip to the restroom, I happened to look down at my tummy and noticed the smallest small stretch mark near my belly button. My eyes weld up so quick and I found myself trying to hold back tears since I had two hrs left at work. I immediately text my husband and he quickly responded with "I love ALL of you" and a few other sweet and encouraging thoughts. I wanted nothing more than to go home and have a good cry in his arms, but I had dinner plans with some girlfriends from church. So,  I got off work and had a great time with my friends. Just when I started to think about that little stretch mark again, I FELT MY BABY MOVE FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME! How amazing is my God? That He would love me so much and would remind me just how great that love is! I got home and shared this with Mr. M and we both had a good cry together.

This whole experience has me loving my Savior and my husband more than ever! I feel so loved and grateful for this amazing experience. This Saturday is our gender reveal!!! Carlos and I decided not to know the sex of our baby so that we can share that moment with our families. Stay tuned!!!

Love always,

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