Monday, October 24, 2016



Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him. Psalm 127:3

How amazing and beautiful are these photos that our long time friend and photographer Antonio Burruel took?! I love each and everyone! Not only was he fun and easy to work with, but his overall presence was very comforting and assuring. As you all have seen, Carlos and I are no strangers to photo shoots haha but  every time is like the first time. We can't seem to get over the camera shyness yet. These photos were taken at Oak Glen in Yuciapa, CA near an apple farm. In order to get a variety of background looks, we all agreed  and had to walk and hike a bit to get a variety of locations throughout the shoot. Let me tell you, not only was I almost seven months pregnant when these were taken, but I was fighting a nasty cold and had severe body ache. Thankfully, you couldn't tell in the photos and it was all worth it! I hope you love them as much as we did, I can't wait to share these photos with Melody someday. Thanks again to our amazing photographer friend Antonio. You can see more of his stuff on instagram @antonioprophoto.

Mr. and Mrs. M
Wednesday, October 19, 2016

M E L O D Y ' S B A B Y S H O W E R - O C T O B E R 1 5 T H 2 0 1 6


Vintage Rentals: Etablir | Desserts: @pastelcakedesign (instagram) | Florals: LA Flower Market | Dress: Etsy | PhotoBooth Props: Etsy | Photo Booth Backdrop: PaperMart | Lavender: Victor's Lavender | Photos: J. Salazar | Cake Top: CutsofConfetti | Dinnerware Rentals: Party Plus Rentals | Invites & Signage: Champagne Press |

Though Melody is not due for a little over two more months, Carlos and I decided to have her shower before all the fun craziness of the holiday season. October seemed like the perfect time for a fall shower <3 After a few months of planning, searching, booking and finally prepping the the shower, Saturday October 15th, 2016 had finally arrived and It was time to shower our sweet precious girl, Melody Moran. I am in awe not only but all the love and support Mr. M and I received, but also because the presence of God was there. We have been blessed with such a great family and group of friends, we truly felt the love. On behalf of my husband, Melody and myself, thank you to all those who came & blessed us not only their presence but with wonderful gifts for Mel! A very special thank you to those who helped me set up before, clean up after and everything in between! One day we will show our girl just how loved she was, even before she was born, through these photos and the memories that we will share with her. We are sad that the Baby shower fun is over, but also relieved and excited to start on Melody's nursery. Stay tune for our Maternity photos!

Love always,
The Moran's