GIRLS ONLY- Weekend Stay-cation 
The Saguaro in Palm Springs, CA
Friday September 23rd - Saturday September 24th, 2016


My mom, sisters and I felt like a girls only weekend was long overdue and I knew just the place to go! The Saguaro in Palm Springs captured my attention with its vibrant girly colors and great location. We lounged pool side, checked out a few great foodie spots and visited several shops. We enjoyed some much needed girl time and deeply enjoyed each others company. There are no better girlfriends than your mom and sisters! <3

Love always, 

A Moroccan Getaway in Palm Springs, CA
Monday May 23rd - Wednesday May 25th, 2016


This past week, my husband and I celebrated TWO YEARS MARRIED! Hard to believe just how fast time is flying by! I still remember the moment we met in 2006, our first kiss in 2008, when he proposed in 2012 and our wedding in 2014 like it was yesterday!!! Life with Carlos is only getting sweeter <3 In Christ alone we have been able to maintain our friendship & love for so many years. We are looking forward to 100 more even better years!

Carlos and I had planned on going to Morocco for our anniversary, but God clearly had other plans for us. I will share soon. Also, my little sisters 8th grade promotion was in the same week and we wouldn't have missed it for the world. So we planned a three day stay-cation instead! I had my eye on the Korakia Pensione for over a year now and seemed to fit our current needs perfectly. It was close to home, Moroccan themed and in our budget. 

Mr. M and I did nothing but eat, sleep and lounge all day. It was the perfect place to unwind and enjoy each others company. I highly recommend you consider the Korakia for your next getaway. 


Day-cation - San Diego & Little Italy
 Saturday April 23rd, 2016


This past Saturday, my husband a decided to celebrate his 26th birthday a whole week early as I will be at a women's congress on his actual birthday. Carlos had been wanting to go to San Diego for quite some time so I thought it would be the perfect daycation for him!

 We arrive bright and early and started our day b off by having breakfast on Mission beach. We hung out for a bit then hit Mercato Farmers Market in Little Italy where we had the yummiest of treats! Among those treats; salsa samples, hummus and pita, artisan crepes and cucumber ginger lemonade to name a few. Eating and walking was what it was all about. After, we visited Coronado Island, had more yummy treats and drinks, relaxed on the beach and enjoyed Gods beautiful creation.

All in all, it was an amazing day with Mr. M. I am beyond thankful for his life and super grateful that God would allow me to spend it with him. 

Mrs. M

Niland, CA
Salvation Mountain January 21st, 2016


So far, my husband and I have been to Ireland and Mexico together. One of our travel goals for this year is instead of taking only one grand vacation, to take a few smaller road trips to visit spots here in the USA. 

We started by taking a day trip to Salvation Mountain in Niland, CA. It's about an hour from Palm Springs in the middle of the desert. Picture this: you are driving along an empty road and then you see a colorful painted mountain in the distance! It feels like a dream, really. The mountain is made from adobe, straw and thousands of gallons of paint. 
It was Leonard Knight’s life mission to create something showing “God is Love” to the world. After many trial and errors, he built Salvation Mountain. It’s become a lifelong project where it constantly grows and needs to be repainted and maintained. I can’t imagine dedicating that many years into a single project. I truly admire his commitment to make Jesus and His unfailing love be known to the world. I'd say mission accomplished.

If you ever get the chance to visit, go! Its pretty amazing.

Love always, 

Los Cabos San Lucas, Mexico
 May 25th, 2015 -- May 29th, 2015


My husband and I recently celebrated our One Year Wedding Anniversary in Los Cabos San Lucas, Mexico. I absolutely fell in love, especially with Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa. I find myself day dreaming of being kissed by the Cabo sun again. Los Cabos was the perfect fit for us as we were looking for a destination in which we could lounge by the ocean all day long, explore, be adventurous, and eat lots of yummy Mexican food. We loved being able to visit one of God's many glorious creations.

We love you Los Cabos, hope to be back soon!

An Irish Honeymoon
Dublin, Ireland May 25th, 2014 -- June 2rd, 2014

My husband and I spent eight amazing days honeymooning in Ireland. We stayed at Bewley's Hotel in Dublin, and traveled out to Country Wicklow, Malahide and other surrounding cities via bus, tram and train. It was magical for us to finally be experiencing life on our own as newlyweds. We did lots of sight seeing, visited many castles, did some shopping at the Dublin city center, and ate plenty of authentic Irish food. We chose Ireland because of the amazing scenery, gloomy cuddle weather and of course the castles! We consider ourselves part Irish now and loved Ireland so much, we will definitely be back! We will never forget our Irish Honeymoon.

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