Friday, July 15, 2016

"Im going to be a big cousin!"

Hello again lovelies!!!

We are just one day away from finding out the gender of our baby! Carlos and I have always been very family-oriented and we love to share as many moments with our families as we can! Mr. M and I had our ultrasound about a week ago and decided to wait on knowing the gender until we could get our imitate families together to share this moment with them! Ill be sharing how that all turns out soon!

How we told The Moran family:

May 10th, which is Mexican mother's day, my husbands family and I got together at my sister-in-law Suzie's house. We had dinner and shared a great time together! Since my husbands family doesn't get together as often as mine, we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and share the news with them first. Since it was Mexican mother's day, we just had to make it about my mother-in-love. We signed the card "Love Carlos, Jay and baby M".

Finally it was time to open gifts (we went last for baby news reasons). She opened her gift and loved it! It was time for her to read her card and we asked her to read it out loud. FUNNIEST THING EVER! Mind you, my mother-in-love doesn't speak much English, so when she got to the bottom and read our signatures, she understood it to say "Love Carlos my baby and Jay!" hahaha I literally laughed out loud! Carlos asked her to read it again, and again she interpreted it as "her baby Carlos." LOL so sweet!!! Finally Carlos was like "No mom, its from THREE people... she looked down at the card again and screamed!!!! She literally almost fainted guys, I'm not even joking! Needless to say, everyone was ectatic and it was a good day for sure.

How we told The Berumen Family:

It was a Thursday evening and we all met for dinner at my dads house. My family is the type of family that if you told one, the news would travel and they would all be hurt that they weren't the first to know. So it was VERY important for me to make sure all my siblings, my parents and my nieces were there, and they were! I didn't want anyone feeling left out or hurt haha I also didn't want to do anything too predictable or corny, and I definitly didn't want to spend money on individual gift/announcements. I decided Id use my youngest niece, Azyriah Koa aka Koko, as the announcement. I purchased a cute tee from Etsy and had them customize its with the phrase "I am going to be a big cousin - DEC 2016".

We waited until the very end, once everyone was ready to go home, to put Koko in the tee. Koko went straight for my dad and was showing her "pampa" (that's what she calls him) her shirt. It was pretty cute actually that she kept pointing to her shirt trying to show it off. That was the whole point! All he did was tell he how beautiful she looked haha he didn't even bother to read it. I tell my dad to read her shirt and goes to grab his glasses, my sister Liz comes around and they both read it. They began to shout, and one by one my family joined in on the shouting. My mom had no words! All she did was follow me around and held me for like 20 minutes lol After all the tears, laughs and hugs, we sat down and just soaked up the moment together. It was pure awesomeness. <3


How we told our church family:

Mother's Days celebrations were in the midst during the time frame that Carlos and I decided to share our news. Once we shared with our immediate families, we decided to share the news with our church family at our Mother's Day service. They are such a great big part of our life and they have known Carlos and I way before we even met! They have seen us grow up and have also shared in many wonderful moments with us.  First, we told our pastors and asked them to be the ones to make the great announcement and the pray for us and this new journey. Again, an awesome moment! They truly share in our joy and couldn't be happier for us.

Finally, we shared the news with you all. Thank you for always sharing in our joy.

Love always,
Tuesday, July 12, 2016

H a p p y B i r t h d a y D a d d y

April 27th, 2016, the day I found out I was pregnant with my first baby! What a day that was.. I was at work and just had a gut feeling. Mr. M and I had stopped preventing pregnancy and started praying for a baby February 2016. I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined that it would happened so fast! I figured it would take us a couple months to a year, God clearly gave us His stamp of approval. His timing is always perfect. Needless to say, I decided to buy a test during my lunch, took the test and by the time I clocked back in, I was a mother.

I always knew I wanted to find out before my husband and make it oh so special for him. In my head, I had planned to tell him in a totally different way than I did, but because it was his birthday week (and because I simply could not keep this new from him), my plans changed. I found out on a Wednesday, and had to leave for a women's conference on Friday. I REALLY wanted to tell him on his actually birthday (which was on Saturday April 30th) but that wasn't possible since I wasn't coming back from the conference until Sunday. I felt bad enough having to miss spending his birthday with him, now I had to keep this great big secret! I felt like I was going to blow up!!!

I figured the best way to tell him was at my homecoming, where we would be alone and I could celebrate one more year of his life with him. Luckily Carlos was at work that Sunday until 4PM and so that gave me time to get home from the conference and freshen up. I stopped by the store to pick up a birthday cake for him and had them write "Happy Birthday Daddy" on it. It was seriously the sweetest way to tell my husband.

On his way home he called me and I asked him to come to our front door and wait until I came to answer because I had a birthday surprise for him. I covered his eyes up, walked him to the couch and had him sit. He didn't know what to expect and was super nervous. I had him open his eyes and came at him with the cake in my hands singing happy birthday to you... for the grand finally, I placed the cake in front of him and waited for his response. So priceless! Took him a minute, we laughed, cried and hugged for a while. Then we went out and had a celebration dinner. The next week was a blur.


All we can say is, God is good.

Love always,



Its hard to believe how fast these past four months have flown by! My husband and I are more excited than ever at the thought of having our very own little baby here at home with us in just six months! I am loving being pregnant, more so because my husband is super obsessed with my belly and he really couldn't get any sweeter. He has been so helpful, making sure I am always comfortable, the house is always tidy and my belly always full.

This is all so new to me and I definitely have my moments. Most moments are filled with so much joy and so many dreams, and then there are those few moments that remind me just much I desperately need Jesus. Last Friday, as I took my 99th trip to the restroom, I happened to look down at my tummy and noticed the smallest small stretch mark near my belly button. My eyes weld up so quick and I found myself trying to hold back tears since I had two hrs left at work. I immediately text my husband and he quickly responded with "I love ALL of you" and a few other sweet and encouraging thoughts. I wanted nothing more than to go home and have a good cry in his arms, but I had dinner plans with some girlfriends from church. So,  I got off work and had a great time with my friends. Just when I started to think about that little stretch mark again, I FELT MY BABY MOVE FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME! How amazing is my God? That He would love me so much and would remind me just how great that love is! I got home and shared this with Mr. M and we both had a good cry together.

This whole experience has me loving my Savior and my husband more than ever! I feel so loved and grateful for this amazing experience. This Saturday is our gender reveal!!! Carlos and I decided not to know the sex of our baby so that we can share that moment with our families. Stay tuned!!!

Love always,