Friday, July 15, 2016

"Im going to be a big cousin!"

Hello again lovelies!!!

We are just one day away from finding out the gender of our baby! Carlos and I have always been very family-oriented and we love to share as many moments with our families as we can! Mr. M and I had our ultrasound about a week ago and decided to wait on knowing the gender until we could get our imitate families together to share this moment with them! Ill be sharing how that all turns out soon!

How we told The Moran family:

May 10th, which is Mexican mother's day, my husbands family and I got together at my sister-in-law Suzie's house. We had dinner and shared a great time together! Since my husbands family doesn't get together as often as mine, we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and share the news with them first. Since it was Mexican mother's day, we just had to make it about my mother-in-love. We signed the card "Love Carlos, Jay and baby M".

Finally it was time to open gifts (we went last for baby news reasons). She opened her gift and loved it! It was time for her to read her card and we asked her to read it out loud. FUNNIEST THING EVER! Mind you, my mother-in-love doesn't speak much English, so when she got to the bottom and read our signatures, she understood it to say "Love Carlos my baby and Jay!" hahaha I literally laughed out loud! Carlos asked her to read it again, and again she interpreted it as "her baby Carlos." LOL so sweet!!! Finally Carlos was like "No mom, its from THREE people... she looked down at the card again and screamed!!!! She literally almost fainted guys, I'm not even joking! Needless to say, everyone was ectatic and it was a good day for sure.

How we told The Berumen Family:

It was a Thursday evening and we all met for dinner at my dads house. My family is the type of family that if you told one, the news would travel and they would all be hurt that they weren't the first to know. So it was VERY important for me to make sure all my siblings, my parents and my nieces were there, and they were! I didn't want anyone feeling left out or hurt haha I also didn't want to do anything too predictable or corny, and I definitly didn't want to spend money on individual gift/announcements. I decided Id use my youngest niece, Azyriah Koa aka Koko, as the announcement. I purchased a cute tee from Etsy and had them customize its with the phrase "I am going to be a big cousin - DEC 2016".

We waited until the very end, once everyone was ready to go home, to put Koko in the tee. Koko went straight for my dad and was showing her "pampa" (that's what she calls him) her shirt. It was pretty cute actually that she kept pointing to her shirt trying to show it off. That was the whole point! All he did was tell he how beautiful she looked haha he didn't even bother to read it. I tell my dad to read her shirt and goes to grab his glasses, my sister Liz comes around and they both read it. They began to shout, and one by one my family joined in on the shouting. My mom had no words! All she did was follow me around and held me for like 20 minutes lol After all the tears, laughs and hugs, we sat down and just soaked up the moment together. It was pure awesomeness. <3


How we told our church family:

Mother's Days celebrations were in the midst during the time frame that Carlos and I decided to share our news. Once we shared with our immediate families, we decided to share the news with our church family at our Mother's Day service. They are such a great big part of our life and they have known Carlos and I way before we even met! They have seen us grow up and have also shared in many wonderful moments with us.  First, we told our pastors and asked them to be the ones to make the great announcement and the pray for us and this new journey. Again, an awesome moment! They truly share in our joy and couldn't be happier for us.

Finally, we shared the news with you all. Thank you for always sharing in our joy.

Love always,

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