Wednesday, April 27, 2016

D a y c a t i o n - San Diego & Little Italy


This past Saturday, my husband a decided to celebrate his 26th birthday a whole week early as I will be at a women's congress on his actual birthday. Carlos had been wanting to go to San Diego for quite some time so I thought it would be the perfect daycation for him!

 We arrive bright and early and started our day b off by having breakfast on Mission beach. We hung out for a bit then hit Mercato Farmers Market in Little Italy where we had the yummiest of treats! Among those treats; salsa samples, hummus and pita, artisan crepes and cucumber ginger lemonade to name a few. Eating and walking was what it was all about. After, we visited Coronado Island, had more yummy treats and drinks, relaxed on the beach and enjoyed Gods beautiful creation.

All in all, it was an amazing day with Mr. M. I am beyond thankful for his life and super grateful that God would allow me to spend it with him. 

Mrs. M

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