Wednesday, August 27, 2014

One dress, Infinite ways!

   When it came time to find the perfect dress for my bridesmaids, I had several things in mind; it had to be affordable, it had to be floor length & elegant, it had to be comfortable and it had to make all my bridesmaids happy and feel beautiful. Now I know what your thinking, that's impossible right?! How can one dress make five girls of all shapes and sizes happy? Not to mention be affordable and meet all my requirements. I had my work cut out for me! 
   I came across the infinity wrap dress while looking through some bridal magazines and after watching the five minute long video I was sold! One dress, infinite ways! Elegantly made of a pretty viscose-spandex blend and highly customizable to suit each unique body shape and style. It was perfect for my bridesmaids. Perfect for any occasion really.
   I went with the Charcoal Grey Floor Length Infinity Wrap Dress from Etsy. It was only $50 + $25 shipping on Craftingsg ( They all looked so beautiful on my wedding day and I loved the idea that they could wear it again for any special occasion. My bridesmaids wore pearls and nude heels. I was happy that my girls were happy. What do you think?

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